Our Story

Here at TALBOT REHABILITATION CENTER, our priority is providing quality care to our residents and patients. We are committed to creating and maintaining a comfortable standard of living. Our team is comprised of compassionate individuals with years of experience, which shows in the dedication, passion, and pride in the work we do. We are a family-oriented care community that encourages families to be part of a the road to recovery.

Talbot Rehabilitation Center is centrally located between Renton’s finest hospitals. Our care model features dedication to short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. This model allows us to design terms aimed at exceeding the needs of those entrusted to us. In addition to rehabilitation services, our care community is designed to provide care for medical conditions through personalized 24-hour skilled nursing provided by a licensed clinical specialist and therapist. With our oversight coordination including physicians and nurses, our team works hand in hand to provide compassionate care.

Committed To Quality

Talbot Rehabilitation Center offers more than just 24-hour nursing care, we cater to both the physical and emotional health of our residents and patients. Our care teams work together to create personalized treatment plans to help patients through their care journey. We strive to provide industry-leading outcomes through coordination of all aspects of your care.

Points of Excellence

  • • Physical, occupational, & speech therapies
  • • 24-hour nursing care
  • • Personalized plan of care
  • • Respite care
  • • Specialized wound care program
  • • Optometry
  • • Podiatry
  • • Mental health
  • • Dental health
  • • Diabetes management
  • • Pain management

524430 Talbot Road  |  Renton, WA 98055
Phone: 425-226-7500  |  Fax: 425-226-4195