Physicians / Physician Extenders

hospitals_iconWorking hand in hand

Avalon works in close collaboration with our hospital (acute care) partners. We work together to design specialty programming, provide training opportunities with an aim at making transitioning between levels of care as seamless as possible. Our technology teams work together to integrate electronic health records to help ensure we have accurate and complete medical information.

Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners and care professionals work together to provide around the clock care. Our providers focus on:

  • Understanding signs and sypmptoms associated with
  • Medication management and education
  • Assessing patient’s plan of care and making adjustments as needed
  • Care coordination as patients transition home or to a lower level of care
  • Answer questions patients and families may have

Benefits of Avalon Health Care Model

Our Care Management model is designed to intervene prior to common post-discharge challenges. Our goals are to ensure:

  • Reduced hospital readmissions
  • Quicker patient recovery time
  • Timely follow-up after a change of condition
  • A positive patient experience