China Services

international_sub_iconA Vision for Chinese Seniors

For almost a decade, Avalon has worked with Chinese companies and local Chinese governments exploring partnerships and helping develop senior care services in China. This work expands on our vision of providing seniors with better choices about their lifestyles and health.

As the demand for senior health care services increases in China, Chinese seniors and their families want quality care from a trusted provider. Avalon is an industry leader, sharing our vision and know-how of best practices in senior care to help international partners develop an Alliance of Service Providers to meet the needs of seniors in China.

Resident and patient care is our first priority.  In our facilities, we celebrate individuality and independence and strive to help our residents live full, meaningful lives.  We recognize that every resident and patient is a person first, with a wealth of experience and feelings. We embrace their unique needs and perspectives. We are committed to helping the international market develop an Alliance of Service Providers that will help meet the needs of the seniors around the globe.

Avalon is currently responding to several large Chinese conglomerates, private and state-owned, who desire to begin divisions which cater to seniors. These conglomerates are seeking operating companies, property investing companies and management companies as a part of a senior care platform. Avalon’s China Team addresses all three targets sought after by Chinese companies.

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